What is a novated lease

The car of your choosing, paid for by your employer and you get the saving in every pay.

Hardest part is to stop smiling.

Easy to get started with a Novated Lease

It's just you, the boss and the financier.


Yes you! You get to pick the car you want, the options you need. You get the QuoteMe to see how the numbers affect your takehome pay.

If you're new to thoughts of a novated lease, you might want to start in the 'Getting Started' section.

The numbers will start to make sense once you can grasp the critical points. hint - interest rate isn't one of them

The employer

Well... to be more precise your employer only has to say yes, the payroll department has to do the work.

But the cost of a novated lease to the employer is nothing... zip... zero... nada... as all the expenses to run your car are passed onto you, excluding GST.

The financier

They're the ones who pay the dealer for the car you picked, including all the options you've ticked too.

And they'll supply a novated lease agreement which includes a novation agreement to seal the deal.

When working out the rentals, the financier has to keep within the novated lease residual values outlined by the ATO.

Novated lease residual value The ATO's guideline for what the residual value should be on a novated lease. The longer the term the lower the residual, but there are a few little tricks to know.

Designed for everyone... and every one's unique.

A novated lease budget is unique to you!

What sort of car you want. The options you include. How you drive. How far you drive per year. Even your holidays.
Mixed up with how much you earn and how often you get paid and you'll get your own set of numbers unique to you.

Need numbers the 'Examples' section should help.

Officially, a novated lease creates smiles.

A well setup novated lease is like getting a payrise for driving your car to work.

There's lots to read... or you could rush to the end and see your numbers do.